The world is going toward a more connected and digital world and we are being overwhelmed by impressions for everywhere. We all should spend more time and effort to develop relevant concepts that matter and make a difference in peoples life. I am looking to be part of a diverse team where the benefits of the end user is the main target.

I am a 33 year old digital designer from Stockholm Sweden. I rockclimb and love cooking. I have been traveling the world and lived in Barcelona but now reside in Amsterdam.

Interactive Art Direction
Hyper Island in Stockholm

Product Designer & UX / UI Designer
myABCkit, educational startup in Barcelona

Web Designer and Marketing Assistant
IDEP, design school in Barcelona

Art Direction in Advertisment and Digital Media
IDEP, design school in Barcelona

Lettering Course with Ivan Castro
BAU Design School in Barcelona

Digital Art Director internship
Webbstory, Stockholm

Freelancing Graphic Designer
Stockholm and Barcelona

Creative project managment
Galaxen Creative Sweden

Graphic Print Art
Grafikskolan in Stockholm