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April 25, 2012 - Comments Off

Svenska Mäklarhuset

SMH logo


I have been doing final art for marketing material for SMH. I also updated the website with content.


Svenska Mäklarhuset is an expansive real estate company in the Stockholm area with a dozen offices.


February 12, 2012 - Comments Off


I made all the graphical elements for this company. Logo, website, business card, presentation material for the startup.

I still do all of the marketing, planning, press releases, graphic production. This company is working within the area of GeoBI, Geographical Business Intelligence. My assignment is to make the products Viamap retails, easily understandable for the target group. They could be municipals, governments and geographically scattered companies.

Viamaps customers today is Trafikverket (Swedish national roads and railway authorities), Gävle kommun (municipal), Gävle Energi (utility company within a municipal), among others.

Viamap Logotyp

Viamap Logotyp


Viamap Website

Viamap Website

January 12, 2012 - Comments Off

CLP magazine T-shirt

Common Language Project wanted a T-shirt to market their name. The brief specified one design but when a few designs where presented they choose to go with the two designs pictured here.

"Thank you so much - these are awesome!!  We especially love the top-left and top-right designs: so much so that we'd love to just go for it with both!"
- Jessica Partnow, Co-Founder & Executive Director

CLP  Tee Design

CLP Tee Design


CLP Tee Two Designs

The Two Designs for CLP magazine

June 23, 2011 - No Comments!

Bunkerfesten 2011

I made the entire graphical production to this rock music festival. Poster, T-shirt, badges, signs and more.

The much appreciated poster

Poster in action

Crew member wearing the T-shirt and enjoying a well deserved lunch.

T-shirt and backstage pass

June 20, 2011 - No Comments!

Arvikafestivalen Poster 2011

Arvikafestivalen is the biggest electronic music festival in Sweden. 2009 the visitor count reached over 20 000. The festival is focusing on electro, synth, dance and pop music.In the poster I wanted to catch that clean, sharp music-feeling. I made the poster and a few flyers.

The second edition of the official poster for Arvikafestivalen 2011


Tattoo of Arvikafestivalen 2011

Tattoo on Sondre Moland on my design

"Vill bara säga: Så sjuuuuuuuuukt snygg affisch! Du är grym!"
-Emelie Envall, genomförandeansvarig 2011

"du. r-e-s-p-e-k-t. Jag älskar affischen."
-Viktoria Lindén,  huvudansvarig 2011

"Shit vilken snygg affisch! Alla är skitnöjda med den."
- Tobias Ternstedt, genomförande koordinator

"sätt fart att få upp dom så man kan plocka ner en;)"
"Så jävla snygg!"
"skitsnygg! ni har nu näst snyggast affisch i sverige!" 
"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaajk!", "Grym!", "jääävligt snygg", "Så snygg!"
- Urval ur kommentarer på Facebook

Poster on a wall and flyers on a table

Flyer for Arvikafestivalen