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September 25, 2013 - No Comments!

The Cases

Handmade felt and leather cases for those who truly like to extend the feeling of their Apple products.

This product design is a series of cases made for Apple products. It's 100% handmade (this means hand cut and hand stitched!) out of local materials. The felt is of the highest quality made for high end consumers. The leather is brought from Mallorca, famous for their leather craftsmanship. 

This is one of my own projects to keep my creativeness fluent. The Cases are sold in stores in Spain. To order your Case email me at 





June 3, 2012 - No Comments!

Mjinqs – Product branding

Mjinqs Logotype

Mjinqs Logotype

Mjinqs Lilac Lemonad Bottle

Mjinqs Lilac Lemonad Bottle

Branding project in progress. The concept is gonna cover a wide arrange of products within grocery and food. First up is 'Syrénblomssaft' (Swedish for  lemonade made of lilac flower). To come: elder flower lemonade, soap (probably), bread and cookies.

April 25, 2012 - Comments Off

Svenska Mäklarhuset

SMH logo


I have been doing final art for marketing material for SMH. I also updated the website with content.


Svenska Mäklarhuset is an expansive real estate company in the Stockholm area with a dozen offices.


February 12, 2012 - Comments Off


I made all the graphical elements for this company. Logo, website, business card, presentation material for the startup.

I still do all of the marketing, planning, press releases, graphic production. This company is working within the area of GeoBI, Geographical Business Intelligence. My assignment is to make the products Viamap retails, easily understandable for the target group. They could be municipals, governments and geographically scattered companies.

Viamaps customers today is Trafikverket (Swedish national roads and railway authorities), Gävle kommun (municipal), Gävle Energi (utility company within a municipal), among others.

Viamap Logotyp

Viamap Logotyp


Viamap Website

Viamap Website

January 12, 2012 - Comments Off

CLP magazine T-shirt

Common Language Project wanted a T-shirt to market their name. The brief specified one design but when a few designs where presented they choose to go with the two designs pictured here.

"Thank you so much - these are awesome!!  We especially love the top-left and top-right designs: so much so that we'd love to just go for it with both!"
- Jessica Partnow, Co-Founder & Executive Director

CLP  Tee Design

CLP Tee Design


CLP Tee Two Designs

The Two Designs for CLP magazine

November 29, 2011 - No Comments!

Järnaglass Visual Concept

This was a pitch I did for an ecological, hand made ice cream maker in Sweden called Järnaglass.

The task was to come up with a graphical concept that represented local, hand make and ecological - "the real thing".

Järnaglass was in 2011 a two-man company, with a good sale and a tasty(!) ice cream.


Järnaglass - Ice Cream Delivery Truck
Ice Cream Delivery Truck.
Järnaglass Hemsida

Website for the company.Järnaglass Etiketter

Labels in different variations.

November 12, 2011 - No Comments!

Visual Word

Visual Word - Round

Visual Word - Round

Visual Word - Square

Visual Word - Square

Visual Word - Float

Visual Word - Float

Visual Word - Different

Visual Word - Different

Visual Word - Jealousy

Visual Word - Jealousy

Visual Word - Suddig

Visual Word - Suddig

About the assignment

This was an assignment I gave myself to practice the translation of word and meaning into graphics. Not sure where I got the inspiration from but this is something I believe is a vital part in a graphic designers daily work.

It was a fun and educative process.

June 23, 2011 - No Comments!

Bunkerfesten 2011

I made the entire graphical production to this rock music festival. Poster, T-shirt, badges, signs and more.

The much appreciated poster

Poster in action

Crew member wearing the T-shirt and enjoying a well deserved lunch.

T-shirt and backstage pass