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April 25, 2012 - Comments Off

Svenska Mäklarhuset

SMH logo


I have been doing final art for marketing material for SMH. I also updated the website with content.


Svenska Mäklarhuset is an expansive real estate company in the Stockholm area with a dozen offices.


February 12, 2012 - Comments Off


I made all the graphical elements for this company. Logo, website, business card, presentation material for the startup.

I still do all of the marketing, planning, press releases, graphic production. This company is working within the area of GeoBI, Geographical Business Intelligence. My assignment is to make the products Viamap retails, easily understandable for the target group. They could be municipals, governments and geographically scattered companies.

Viamaps customers today is Trafikverket (Swedish national roads and railway authorities), Gävle kommun (municipal), Gävle Energi (utility company within a municipal), among others.

Viamap Logotyp

Viamap Logotyp


Viamap Website

Viamap Website