Dental Care UX

Client: Distriktstandvården
My Role: UX strategy, researcher, concept development, documentation.


Distriktstandvården is a swedish dental company in Sweden. They wanted to improve the user experience of going to the dentist with digital means. Through our research, insights and development we delivered a Facebook Chatbot that facilitate and personalise all communication with Distriktstandvården.



We needed to develop a better sense for what dental care is about and did both qualitative and quantitative research - interviews, desktop research, surveys and client workshops. 


"Dental patients want effective and personal communication with their dentist”

User journey & Personas

We created user journeys to better understand the pain points we could improve. 

Concept development

To remove hustle and make it more personal to be in contact with your dentist we found Facebook as the best platform.

User testing

It was important to test and get feedback on our concept so we created a fully functional mockup.

Process video