My role: Product designer & interaction designer + more


Kids ability to learn and create is absolutely breathtaking. Seeing them develop skills in at superspeed and helping is in doing so is totally rewarding. That's what this work was about.


My work & my role

In this startup I was the product and interaction designer in charge of design better learning experiences for kids. I designed reading and writing exercises for the young ones and created a dashboard for teachers and parents to monitor and adapt the learnings for individual kids. I rebranded the product and redesigned the website. I also created custom fontsets adapted for children. See more below. 

Kids exercies

The exercises were developed to teach kids between 3-6 years old to read and write. Exercises ranged from understanding the first few letters to writing basic words in cursive writing.

Teachers Dashboard

The dashboard is a tool for teachers to manage and monitor the progress of the children. I was a big part of the UI, UX research and design concept. 


Custom Fontsets

To get the most out of the learning experience and to be able to collect valuable data from the interaction in the exercises I created two custom fontset – one cursive and one regular.


Type concept for learning and analysis

We needed a typeface which facilitated kids learning while being powerful in analyzing kids progress. So I developed a set of letters with high asenders, simple shapes and a strong concept. The entire alphabet was broken up in smaller part to reconstruct the entire alphabet. With a powerful concept it was easy to analyze each interaction with each letter.