Daniel Erik Eriksson

Team & Product

I'm a facilitator focusing on team development with the aim to strengthen the team dynamic to delivers products more effectively. I provide teams with actionable tools and foundational knowledge to manage and maintain a desired and sustaining work culture, while providing tangible outcomes in product development.

I believe in making a significant change in the way we think and act. As we humans get more digital and connected we need to make more conscious decisions and I want to be part of that change. I believe in making small, iterative changes with longterm impact rather than a radical, abrupt change.

I design processes and facilitate teams to explore new unknown fields. I structure, lead workshops and evaluate behaviours to bring the best out of individuals to perform better in teams. Coming from experience in visual design and user experience design I focus a lot of time and energy on the user of a service or product. Human centered design, design thinking, digital design are all fields draw inspiration.


As a process designer and facilitator I provide these services for teams to work more effectively together and deliver products faster.

Facilitation Cases

Read more about selected cases of where I have designed and facilitate various sessions.

(Digital) Design

Here is a selection of digital products I have been part of designing, plus one typographical project.

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